Tuesday, 29 November 2016

What the heck is artistic writing?

Assalamualaikum, greetings from an earthling who from Malaysia

Hi my name is Nur Syuhaidah. Most of the people call me Asyu. Wahaha sorry for my gramatical error. I not very fluet in this language. But i need to try right?

I actually not know about this course. But i really like to write. Short story and e-novels. (ps: you can read my short stories and novel that i write from high school years at ceriteradariotakbiasa.blogspot.com, but beware my writing sucks a lot!!!)

Then after 2 and half years after my STPM (yup STPM student! Yiepiii! *note sarcasm*) i think that i have no hope to futher my studies... then my friend a diploma student said to me ;

"Weih Asyu hang tak try ka minta UiTM?"

"Bukak ke? Tak tau pun..." (yup i not very alert with university open admission or what so)

"Jom la try. Aku pun nak applied degree nih."

So i goes with my friend, buy the pin and try apply.

When i go through the course that i need to choose i spotted this course. ARTISTIC WRITING. The name make me wonder. What will i learn in this course. So i open my facebook and ask some of the alumni.

YEAYYY!!! The course have so many things that i want to learn!
So i try apply it

And here i am! Now i am in semester 2. Just one month before this sem finnish.

In this course... till this sem i have learn about...
sem 1
i learn
script writing
short stories
academic writing
how to make a film production and to produce a film
CTU (like history)
Mandarin (as my third language)
health and safety (even writers have harm in workplace!)
Kesatria! (Have to take this as your curriculum for sem 1)
ELC (research and present it infront of people)
a lots more!

sem 2
i learn
more short stories
the language (thoughts of language)
script (3 script this sem)
take photo that tells story
marketing plan
music (i have write a lyric!)
Malay culture (history again)
CTU (history again!!!)
Mandarin (i love this subject)
ekonomi rumah tangga (i can't think the name in english)
ELC - Job application (can't help laughing and nervous in my interview...)

there many more that i want to tell you. But my assessment is waitingggggg *_* buh-bye!!!